Monday, February 16, 2009

Types of Bustles Part I

Are you trying to figure out what type of bustle you'd like to have on your dress? In this two part blog, I'll be talking about the two different types of bustles, the overbustle or "English Bustle" and the underbustle or "French Bustle."

The English Bustle:
There are three main reasons, besides the look, that one would select an English Bustle. The first of those reasons is that if the dress is made of a delicate material such as tulle or lace. This bustle protects the material because the bustle is formed by looping a reinforced section of the material to the bottom button on the back. The second reason that someone might want to have an English Bustle is to show off any beading or crystals at the bottom of the train. It's also a bit less expensive than an underbustle.
One of the major downsides of this type of bustle is that if not strongly reinforced, it can be torn and completely ruined if one person steps on it. Make sure to double check the reinforcement of the bottom button as well. My suggestion is to make sure you have many safety pins available and even diaper pins which are the strongest of the safety pins.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on the French Bustle.

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